Had this belter of a question in from Sam over in sunny Australia

Lets have a read big fella


Hi there

I’m in Australia and have a 13yo (14 in April) son who just wants to bowl fast.

He’s always had quite a good action and bowled on the fast medium side for his age (naturally swings it away).

In the past year he’s grown quite significantly (now just over 6ft) and started to broaden, so he’s developing the build for it and has picked up few yards.

Now thinks of himself as a bowler also, having made making junior rep teams and being promoted to play senior cricket as a bowler, and picking up wickets (the batsman nick them in the higher grades!).

Wondered what you recommend in terms of developing speed in younger bowlers – strength / conditioning etc.




Right lets get our teeth into this bad boy

Now the first thing would be danger signs as he’s gone through quite a growth phase

We know that growing a couple inches in a year can be a red flag for injuries, so during this time it can be sensible to limit the amount of load going through the body

That’s bowling and training

Bowling wise remember we still want him bowling, but just not a lot

It has to fit into the overall picture of conditioning, exactly the same as the rest of the drills

Maybe keeping to around 15-20 overs per week could do the trick

As for actual conditioning work id be making sure the body is moving well, and is hitting plenty of stability work

During the growth phase you can get the adolescent gangliness, when it appears they struggle to be able to control their body

Think of when people say hes all arms and legs

So we want to be making sure the body can support the skeletal growth it has gone through

Putting isometric work with some skipping as well as the correctives and fundamental movement drill work really well here

As they are coming out of the phase we can gradually increase strength work as see fit

The beauty is if you get it right they will be in a great position to actually add functional strength to their frame with out negative side effects you get when youngsters aren’t in a great place with movement

And also when you line them up with training which matches their bowling type (knee or hip dom) the magic suddenly happens

We have all these programs in the inner circle, as well as constant access to us to help plan all you need

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