We get a lot of messages from people either desperate to put on pace, or those who are suffering from injury

My side of things is more helping with rehab, getting into conditioning, and getting players to a stage where they have as few physical limitations as possible

And then can pass them off to Steff who can get into all the bowling work

The trouble is people want to go straight there a lot before they have earnt the right with their body

They don’t pick the low hanging fruit first

Let me explain that in exercise terms

Its like someone watching a player train on Instagram

Now they might be a really good player, a quick bowler possibly, and they see what exercises they are doing

And so think that that is exactly what they should be doing

So they could see someone hitting up some heavy sets of deadlift

And they go in their local gym, load up the bar and hit the lifting

But is that good for them

Lets say you cant touch your toes

Then you have no business doing deadlifts before you get that sorted

So for that player, the low hanging fruit would be working out, and putting right, whatever is stopping you touch your toes

Now no one can moan that they havnt got the equipment needed to be able to see if they can touch their toes!

When you have the info, and plan on what needs doing first (the low hanging fruit) but choose to shoot on a few steps then get ready to be disappointed

And guess what these people will blame

The program they follow

Which isn’t even for them!

Its crazy

Get a plan for you, stick to it, and see the results

And if you need help then come into the inner circle

We have everything to help you succeed

Just click here now https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/membership-inner-circle/

Think differently


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