There was a good reason for starting Cricket Strength

To help you get the best for your body and your bowling

We had been getting loads of questions and frustrations from guys playing club cricket who just didn’t have access to professional help

And a while ago we got a message from one of our Inner Circle guys, Aman, who had had a problem for a while

The big fella was in pain

Physically and emotionally

Now Aman is a lad who is so passionate about his cricket and bowling, but he had an elbow issue which had been bugging the hell out of him for some time

He couldn’t shake it

And the only advice he was getting was do body reps of a few exercises

Which unsurprisingly didn’t do the trick

Thanks to the magic of technology now we hopped on a skype call and did an mini assessment of his movement

And it was pretty obvious what the issue was

He simply was lacking stability around the scapula and strength

We put him on the right track with his program and he was right as rain in a few weeks

And jeez was he happy

You should see the amount he posts on insta to prove it

Hes back bowling and flying in

But it just shows that getting the right advice is crucial

We know there is a massive lack of decent advice out there, particularly when it comes to specific training for fast bowlers

We want to help get you away from the old ways of training that did a lot more harm than good

Not just to your body but also your bowling action

Because my friend remember that they go hand in hand

We’ve seen bad training plans have a detrimental effect on fast bowlers

Even saw a previously whippy hip dom bowler gradually get changed to slower knee dom through bad advice and training

So if youre ready to make a positive change there are 2 ways to do it

The online 1-1 plan for a 12 week personalised plan


The Inner Circle where all our programs, webinars, podcasts and videos are kept

Think differently


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