Had a belter of a question in from Terry last week


And it’s probably something I should’ve addressed more, or brought more clarity on


Here is what the big fella asked




Morning Dewsy


Could you clarify something for me please


I’ve been following you and Steff for a while now, but I am confused about strength training


Should I be doing it? I follow a lot of other sports related fitness accounts and they all seem to be full of just strength work but you talk about dysfunctions so I’m worried to start strength training in case it does more harm than good


And light you can shed on this would be a big help


Many thanks






Awesome question Tel, and here’s the answer


If you are free of dysfunctions, and move well and freely, then crack on with strength training


There are massive benefits to it, so don’t be scared about getting stuck in




Make sure your body is ready for it


Now we do a lot of screening, and talk to you a lot about it


But it doesn’t mean that all strength training gets put on the back burner


Say you’re fine on the overhead squat and inline lunge, but struggle with your hip hinge


We would put you on corrective exercises for the hip hinge but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t load the other patterns that are fine


So your prep may well be 3 drills that are working to help the hip hinge, then the main part of the session a loaded strength working on a squat pattern and unilateral work


Not a problem


We don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water


Get the dysfunction out, but work around it


Obviously if you struggle a lot with the screening and have dysfunctions everywhere then you’ll have to go a bit slower but there are plenty of ways to work around it


And if youre not sure what to be doing then come and join the inner circle and have access to us, and all the exercises, programs and exclusive content that will make you a better player and coach


Join up here https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/membership-inner-circle/


Think differently



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