Change can be pretty scary

Ask anyone who has already slipped up on their new years resolution!

Its always easier to stay where you are

Make a load of excuses for why you are not where you want

Why your bowling isn’t quicker

Why your body is injured

Why your second and third bowling spells look like your bowling uphill into the wind!

But when you break it down it can be manageable

Take changing your action

There are so many things to consider it might just get on top of you and you bin it

Or maybe your trying to change it without knowing it wont happen as your body will physically not let it

Now that’s frustrating

Loads of work and no reward

Not for us big fella

The picture attached is Luke from OZ

He joined the online 1 to 1 program as he wanted a big change to his bowling

He thought it would be tough as he was the other side of the world

But with the internet it doesn’t matter where you are

We went through the whole process

Movement first, look at where he was struggling, put a plan in place to combat this, and he followed it

When he was good with this then we moved onto getting him to a good level of strength in a way that suited him

And then worked on his action

Simple steps, he followed them and you can see the change

It wasn’t that scary after all

He’s now in our Inner Circle and continuing to make progress

If you want a positive change join us now

Just follow the link

Only if you want results though my friend

Think differently


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