During my 20 seasons in the professional game there hasn’t been a more talked about point than the bowlers bowling no balls in nets

Whether it be in the winter indoor nets, outside for pre season or the training sessions during the season

There always seems to a talking point around whether the bowlers should

The batters are usually the first to complain, but normally only because the bowlers seem that couple yards quicker than they do when they bowl legal deliveries

But I heard a different point of view on the matter from one of our coaches who looked at it from a different angle, and from their personal experience

His theory was this

If you are bowling regularly form a couple yard in front of the crease, and still trying to hit the normal good length that you want to bowl in a game, you might well run into problems

As soon as you get outside in a game and have to bowl behind the line then that length you have tried so hard to groove will suddenly be a couple yards shorter than you want

All that practice could out the window, and heap a hell of a lot of frustration on you

Now obviously there are exceptions

If you are trying to illicit a change in your action, and not necessarily looking at the outcome at the other end, then its not a big deal

Its about knowing exactly what you are trying to achieve, and being smart

Just like all training make sure what you are doing is going to positively transfer to your game

And bowling no balls when there is no need to may not be great

Especially if when playing outside your length is off and disappearing to the boundary every other ball

Think smartly and get the outcome you want

Think differently


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