This is essential for all bowlers.

Based on GPS data taken during the current tournament it’s so essential that coaches and bowlers realise, they have to run.

And like strength, power and speed work it needs to be transferable and specific.

Sorry, I’m a “cycling for bowlers free coach”- serves no purpose for me as a fast bowling coach and actually is another knee dominant activity like squatting that grooves an inefficient motor pattern.

Like strength bioenergetic work needs to be specific and transferable.

GPS splits workload into 3 VELOCITY bands and based on these I split bowling into 3 bioenergetic sessions.

These can be done as the skill of bowling itself or running-but has to be running.

Let me tell you the majority of the 5-8k covered in a game by a player is mostly band A.

In simple terms, the very “slow stuff”- Aerobic/Oxidative.

So if you haven’t this band in your training, you have no base loading.

So how to implement the 3 VB 🏁

A. Oxidative (Tempo bowling or technical grooving work as active rest between glycolytic work). Can be performed on grass/soft ground for an added training effect based on ‘achilles’ needs and TENDON TUNING

The benefit of this method goes beyond capillarization.

1. Build muscular stiffness through large amount of repetition (foot contacts)

2. Ankle strength

3. Rhythm & Relaxation

4. High speed coordination

5. Improve workoad perception

6. Recovery capacity 🏁

B. Glycolytic (Threshold bowling or anaerobic circuit using SDE . Split the action into parts and perform 20secs flat out work with adequate rest). Med ball circuit etc

C. ATP (Max velo bowling). Run and gun max intent. AUTOREG RUN AND GUN. Approx 10-12 balls. 1 min rest between each .

Velocity must be monitored for drop off.

5% drop off and session terminated. @1080motion bowling comes into this category

Skill specific oxidative preparation ensures that the oxidative developments occur in the relevant muscles and the relevant motions as they relate to competition requirements.

Get off the bike and bowl but vary your intensity and energy demands.

Manage your BIOENERGETIC LOADING as well as your strength work

Assess don’t guess


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