There are 2 principles that need to be understood regarding muscle fibre recruitment that impact on fast bowling:

All or none law

Size principle

Motor units obey the “all or none” law.

That is, if the nervous stimulation is sufficient to cause the fibers within a motor unit to contract, all of the fibers in the unit will contract with maximum force.

Thus, the muscular force that can be applied by an athlete is largely due to the maximum number of motor units contracting at any one time and the types of motor units that are contracting.

The motor units of slow twitch fibers usually contain fewer than 300 fibers, whereas, the motor units of fast twitch fibers have anywhere from several hundred to thousands of fibers.

‘The order of recruitment is commonly known as the “size principle” of muscle fiber recruitment.

The order of recruitment is from SlowTwitch to Fast twitch A to Fast Twitch X motor units as the intensity of work increases..

The motor nerves of FTx fibers are the largest of all so they will not be recruited until the need for force and power approaches maximum’

“Blood Flow Restriction (or occlusion) bands reduce oxygen supply to the muscles that will pre-fatigue slow twitch muscle fibers and diminish their response to workout loads, but to enable fast twitch muscle fibers to respond quickly to exercise training loads, resulting in faster lean muscle growth”

Could BFR cuffs be used when tempo bowling to train FT fibres while training the oxidative energy system? Intensity increase with the force implications of max effort bowling?

During blood flow restriction training, limited oxygen to the muscle means that the slow-twitch, Type I muscle fibers aren’t very active, as they require oxygen as fuel. Instead, the bigger, faster Type II muscle fibers are recruited. To recruit Type II muscle fibers during traditional resistance exercises we usually need to perform exercises at very high intensity

Not only does occlusion training preferentially activate fast twitch muscle fibers, it has been shown to cause a fibre type shift from slow to fast, thus increasing the potential for muscular growth and developing explosive power.

Assess don’t guess


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