Now as we have been saying we are not just about helping fast bowlers

We want to help all players, and coaches too

Todays question is from a batter who is suffering with his knees

Here is what he asked us


Mate could you please do a post on patellear tendinitis, ie runners knee?

I’ve developed it over the last year by playing and sprinting on very uneven cricket grounds.

I’ve tried everything from physio, stretching daily, ice, band work, and even some posterior chain movements, still not improving.

Would really really appreciate your thoughts on this -thank you so much!



Good question mate

First up having patella tendonitis sends up a big red flag for me

It is saying that something isn’t working right

Like if the tracking is off in your car, and the inside of the tyre is wearing away, you need to go back and fix the tracking

If you just replace the tyre then the same issue will occur

Its like going in on the knee, getting some short term relief from the pain but the driving force behind why the injury is happening hasn’t been addressed

In the inner circle we have got a loft of soft tissue drills which can help the area, but the key thing is being able to have dialogue and send some videos in which then we can assess and put you on the path to fixing the issue

A lot of the time with knees you can look to the trunk and glutes to see the issues

The trunk and core not working, the glutes not doing their job, and the hip flexors being overburdened and pulling the pelvis out

The quads get tights as hell and end up pulling on the tendons until the tendonitis appears, and then stairs become your worst enemy

It can be a pretty simple thing to fix

Follow the clues, do the work and you get there

For this help then come and join us in the Inner Circle Here

Think differently


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