Getting back to bowling fit after injury can be a tricky thing

Do you know when you can start turning your arm over again

Or when you can start ramping the intensity up?

Its not easy

We had a question about this in last week


Hi Guys

Love the content, find it so useful

I’ve been out with an ankle injury for a couple week. My question is how long should I wait before bowling again?

I’ve watched some of your videos on youtube and Instagram which have given me a good steer on the sort of exercises I need to be doing but I’m not sure when to start running and bowling

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Cheers lads



Great question

Lets break it down

First up lets rewind to before your injury, or any injury

What we talk about with the guys in our Inner Circle, or 1-1 plans, is setting the baselines

So there would be a number of tests that we show them that they can self administer and have a score which we can use as a return to fitness criteria

For example with the ankle a couple of tests we could highlight might be the knee to wall dorsiflexion test and broad jump

Both can be done from home with just a measuring device

You could use the dorsiflexion to see whether the range is back to move onto plyometrics

Then use the broad jump to see is back to running drills are on

Of course pain is a primary indicator too, but for objective markers you can use those other ones

If pain has gone, range is back and so is power then you can be confident to hit the running then on to bowling

As for bowling don’t spend too long with bowling at 60-70% etc

Remember you bowl with different mechanics at that intensity, and we don’t want that.

Obviously build up through a RAMP style warm up but if its 6 or 12 balls, get them near match intensity

And if you are following a good program then it will have things like half kneeling bowling and lots of mediball drills which closely resemble bowling so the body will be ready for it

To help with this we just released our new back to bowling plan in the Inner Circle

A 4 week guide to increasing strength, mobility, stability plyometrics and specific running

Which is added to all the other programs in there as well

Take a look here

Think differently


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