I don’t know if you have caught the latest show on Sky at the moment, Chernobyl

Its about the terrible disaster there at the nuclear power plant back in 1986

Im old enough to actually remember it, and how scary some of the news about it really was at the time

And watching the series you realise exactly how bad it was

But the thing that struck me has been the chain of events that led to them trying to cover it up as much as possible

And provide a lot of misinformation around it as well

Of course it was back in the cold war times, so they would’ve have wanted it to be public knowledge

But even between the power plant and government it seemed pretty poor

Take the bit of equipment they used to measure the amount of nuclear dust in the air

The report given to the government was that the readout was only 3.8 (not sure what the figure was in) and that was well below the reading it would have to be to cause panic and evacuation

So they weren’t particularly worried about having to do much

Until the head scientist explained the only reason that the figure was 3.8 was because that was all the particular equipment would go up to

Which certainly put a different light onto it and plunged them into more panic

And that’s why you always need to look around things, not take them as face value

Its like thinking that just bowling workload alone will cause injury

Without looking into how the players moves, strength levels, action etc and just taking an arbitrary number then how can you make sure any real changes can take place to protect the player

You could have someone saying that when the player gets back then just keep them under the number of overs which got them injured and they will be fine

That would be some dangerous thought processes

And pretty flawed

Make sure you assess as much as you can and make informed decisions from that

Or it could end in disaster (though not as bad as Chernobyl!)

Think differently


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