There has been a bit of a trend on social media of sharing videos of new and different fielding drills

Which is great in a sense that the game is trying to be progressed from the stone age

You know who im talking about, the ones who send players for a lap and just stand at the back of a net offering nothing but outcome advice and talking about ‘in their day’

But just like with trying to change up fitness drills and losing the essence of what we want, we need to keep the same thing in mind for fielding drill

It always comes back to transference

If its not gonna transfer positively then seriously think about if u want or need it

A particular drill I think is getting a bit too much air time is the fielding one when you cant actually see the ball coming in close, and it comes out of a screen or towel or something

So the ball may be hit or thrown by a coach but the first time you see it is when it appears from nowhere from behind the sheet

For me only 2 positions in the field could get some sort of benefit from this

The keeper stood up and slips to spinners

There is a good chance for those guys that the ball will suddenly appear and they have to react, nothing wrong with that at all

But for the rest of the fielders I would be inclined to not use this

Simply because you want them to be reading the batter and the game

Looking at the batter, how are they shaping up, where might the ball go for the shot they are about to play

You can see the fielders who are good at this as they seem to be the quickest, even if testing shows that they aren’t

It similar to batting.

You wouldn’t want to run up to bowl in the dark and then suddenly turn the lights on as the ball is on its way

We want players to read all aspects of the game

Understand where to take their cue from

Start to get players thinking more, and blindly led less

Something to think about

Lets get after it


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