I remember when I first started out in cricket there was a lot of talk about some players being too fit and that made them injured

It never really made sense to me that

How can you be too fit

What they should have been talking about is that they aren’t fit for purpose

The purpose of course big fella is to do their job

Whether it be bat, bowl or keeping, you need to be in the condition to get it done

What you did see was a lot of lads doing fitness during the off season (as well as doing other jobs which feels crazy now) and then struggling when the season got here

Which compared to the previous era where the bowlers especially would just run and bowl

And probably not until April!

So there have been arguments about what is best

I saw something from the NFL the other day about a Running Back called Earl Campbell

He turned up for pre season and struggled to run a mile

Big Earl was a complete power athlete

One of the press asked his coach about the fact that he couldn’t complete the mile run in time

His response

If we get a 3rd and mile then we wont run him


He knew that Campbell was fit for purpose, and one of the most effective players in his position in the league

So he didn’t bother himself with things that didn’t matter

And that’s what is great for you to do

Be laser focused as to what you want

Don’t waste your time and energy on this that wont be helping the end product

You probably only have so long during the week to get some work in to help your game so make yourself fit for purpose

If you need help then we can do a completely 1-1 personalised plan to fit all your needs

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Think differently


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