The season is underway now

You are probably 3 or 4 weeks into it

So here is the question

Are you bowling faster than last year?

Are people at the club you play at telling you how much they think you have improved

It’s a great feeling that

One of the best

But if not, then don’t worry

You can get better during the season

Its not too late

Just playing at weekends means that we can really maximise the week days to work hard on your body and game at the same time

Of course you can wait until the next off season but do you really want to?

Surely its best to make the start now

Get the best plan for you and really dive into it

Had this message through from one of our Inner Circle guys


Hi Mate

Bowled 10 overs straight through for the first time ever on Saturday!

Body survived and I had good wheels throughout, thanks for everything so far!!


If you want that feeling then get yourself a plan and stick to it

And that is exactly what we can do for you

And be there all the way to help

Here are 2 ways we can help you

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As well as exclusive access to us for all your questions and total guidance on your body and Cricket…

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2- Join our Famous “online 1-1” coaching program

Every month we open up the opportunity to work with us inside of our online only coaching program for serious players who want to improve their action

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Lets get going


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