I was watching a program about high class chef’s the other day

Not the usual thing that id do in my spare time but it was actually pretty interesting

Id never paid too much attention to them in the past, apart from watching some of Gordon Ramsays’ shows seeing him go mental at people which is always decent

But they were actually going into the differences between a chef and a cook

And this was the bit that had me hooked

Because its something ive never really though of before

Why some are called cook’s and some are chef’s

Turns out the chefs are the ones who go the extra mile

When they are creating a dish there are continuously testing it after adding different ingredients

If it works they go with it, if not then taper and change until they are happy

They are the ones who are trying to deliver the best experience possible for the people eating there

Where as the cooks are happy just to come in and either heat something up or just do the bog standard required

What are you like with your fitness or game?

Are you going down the generic route of actually deep diving into things that will actually work

It’s the difference between going into your local gym for a fitness program and hoping that somehow it will benefit your game or getting one which is completely tailored to your needs

The amount of people we still talk too who are still doing the same generic rubbish and not getting anywhere is crazy

And they aren’t ‘tasting’ all the time either, seeing is this helping or not

You need to start being your own chef, test if what you are doing is working or not

And if its not, then don’t keep doing it

Demand the best for yourself

And if you want it from people who have been doing it for 20 years, then hit up the online 1-1 plan now

It will be a game changer for you

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Think differently


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