I was watching an old film at the weekend

The Tom Hanks one, Castaway

Now if you haven’t seen in big Tom plays a postal worker

When he’s on a plane that goes down over an ocean he finds himself the only survivor on a desert island

He faces an uphill battle to keep himself alive

Even makes best friends with a volleyball (makes more sense when you see it!)

Now he decides that he has to get out of there, so he uses an inflatable life raft to try and make a run for it

He gathers everything up and waits for a decent time when the sea is fairly calm

Unfortunately as he passes the first lot of coral the seas gets pretty crazy and a massive wave not only wipes him out, but he rips his leg open on some coral

This is pretty devastating for the big lad

So much so that he doesn’t try for year again to give it another go of escaping

That one setback and he couldn’t get over it

And that can be the same with training

Giving something a go quickly, it doesn’t work straight away, then going back to what you always did

We saw a lad who had massive shoulder issues, his posture was shocking and literally couldn’t move

The program he had been given was really messing him up, but on paper it looked like a usual one

Chest press, shoulder press, squats etc, you know the ones

We gave him a program to gain movement back, and help his shoulders

But he couldn’t get his head around not doing the ‘normal’ exercises

You know the ones which had messed him up in the first place

Gave it a week then went back

And guess how he is now

Yep, still in pain

Changing what you do can be scary, but in the long run it can also be the best thing you do

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Think differently


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