This data was collected from a professional team in the summer using real track systems WIMU. (look here


The gyro was placed on the shoulder blades and measured trunk flexion/extension, rotation and lateral flexion.


So if you were to look at the data and try and apply the training methods to improve it these are the number you need to hit


When we analyse rotational movement, we need to know the radius of rotation to be able to convert to m/s. If you have the turning radius of the athlete it is possible to perform the calculation:


For example,  

On delivery we have a trunk flexion of approx. 2000 d/s and the turning radius is 50cm. [speed    =radians x radius]


Convert to radians (2000 d/s = 31.91r/s) and multiply it by radius in this case:


So all medball throws or Olympic  lifts need  to generate speeds of = 31.91* 0.5 = 17.45 m/s

Which is impossible.


I’ve been quite open on my opinion on VBT and Olympic lifting.


Why do fast bowlers need to do them?


An explosive starting strength lift like a Hang Snatch will register speeds of 1.0-1.3m/s.


That’s so far away from the speeds of extension and flexion in bowling.


So it’s by no means SPORTS SPECIFIC!!


So if it’s not specific why do it?


The only way to guarantee a transfer of training is by bowling itself.


Nothing will ever replace the speeds you hit in your skill.


Please remember that.


Yes Strength, force absorption, RFD, mobility, stability and power and all other training methods are important but simply to improve the capacity and the ability as an athlete.


You need to transfer the new found athleticism into fast bowling.


I’ve seen so many athletes lift massive numbers in the gym who just simply don’t bowl faster and get frustrated by that fact.


I question, have you bowled enough?


Massive issue for me, especially as workloads are monitored and governed is do our young bowlers bowl enough to convert the new ‘gym strength’.


I suggest not.


Remember a sprinter will always run.


It may be at different intensities, but they’ll always run for 80% of their preparation time.


Bowlers would only bowl about 20% in my opinion.


Lets change the status quo



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