Approach speed is everything.

It’s the easiest way to add velocity to your bowling.

Key findings based on 1080motion bowling

A. Fastest bowlers run in faster relative to their running speed. Run in faster-bowl faster. Simple

B. Fastest bowlers have more momentum into BFC. Don’t decelerate on gather plant

C. Fastest bowlers maintain speed (M/S) from BFC to FFC

D. Fastest bowlers hit front foot block with more momentum

Based on data from Pacelab, approach contribution is approximately 20-25% of ball VELOCITY.


A. Running drills (various constraints). Wicket runs (into gather no bowl)

B. Resisted Bowling. @exergenie @run_rocket

C. Overspeed bowling @1080motion

D. Max intent full approach bowling.

However the optimum length and speed of a run up depends on whether bowlers are hip or knee dominant and fibre make up.

SLOW TWITCH athletes need longer run ups due to the ‘size principle”- they’ll need to fatigue slow twitch before they access fast twitch which is needed at the crease for delivery. (new theory I have)

Velocity of COM as the front foot blocks accounts for approx 25% of release velocity, so if top speed became a limiting factor, then approach velocity would be even more important.

Notice difference between Javelin + Bowling (Look here

Due to the task constraints on javelin throwers and the need to block hard they run up slower. I believe there is an optimum speed to run in at. Approx 7-8m/s


Having a Fast approach means it’s harder to block as the bowler may not have the strength in the kinetic chain, to account for that excess approach velocity.

Coach + bowler need to decide what’s easier to influence-ball speed due to approach velocity, or the physical part of the performance (I.e. what happens from front foot contact to ball release)

Sacrificing block effectiveness by increasing approach velocity is potentially taking away the contribution of the trunk/ torso passively in the performance.

In that respect you are simply relying on the elastic components of the individuals physical make up and not optimizing stretch reflex due to mechanics and joint separation in the critical joint structures.

Assess don’t guess


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