Based on Pacelab data your bowling approach constitutes between 15-20% of your bowling velocity.


How many coaches or bowlers know how to improve efficiency, running speed and develop quality running mechanics?


I said last week in a post, based on data from 1080 motion the faster you run in the higher the ball velocity.


Yes differences exist based on hip or knee dominance but the intention should always be running in with the correct sprinting mechanics with aim of generating maximum momentum into front foot block.


In my view knee dominant bowlers need to spend time on assisted bowling after a phase of ASSISTED sprinting.


Hip dominant bowlers need the opposite.


They have the running velo already and will find it difficult to be assisted.


They simply cannot running any faster.


What they need is to slow it down and train the ‘muscular system’ via overload training. This may desensitize the GTO and in fact may add running speed


Based on data from 1080 motion and visual feedback via xsens3d the optimum running/approach speed is between 7.5 and 8.5 m/s.


Have a watch here


This correlates with higher ball VELOCITY.


More force into FFC the better!


However this increases the dynamic complexity and biomotor qualities become more important


This is also supported by the below study “The HP group was able to bowl significantly faster than the AM group and had a higher centre of mass speed at back foot impact”- Cited from. “The association between lower limb biomechanics and ball release speed in cricket fast bowlers: a comparison of high-performance and amateur competitors “


Kane J. Middleton, Peter M. Mills, Bruce C. Elliott & Jacqueline A. Alderson


Notice how the COM goes up on FFC on xsens clip.


This is the ideal but will not happen of Front leg collapses.

This is why braced front leg is my SECOND KINEMATIC ATTRACTOR


All things we cover on pacelab here


Assess don’t guess



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