Had a great question in last week about ankles

There are an area that takes a hell of a pounding and need a lot of looking after

This is what he asked


Hi guys, really enjoy the content, avid follower/member. 

I feel like I use it wisely and have helped numerous bowlers with it all, thanks so much for it, you do a great job in helping many.

I have one bowler who has a nice action, packed on some pace over 18 months, but towards the end of the season (southern hemisphere) he had some discomfort in around the ankle/achilles area. 

He told me he landed awkwardly.

The physio has said he has ankle impingement. 

Apart from the depth jump, what other exercises are good in terms of strength/flexibility for all the tendons/achilles around the ankle.

Any help always appreciated.




Great question

Now ankle impingement is tricky

We have a manipulation routine we do around the head of calcaneus, then some banded distraction and movement flow around the ankle as a prehab drill (all in inner circle)

Then we get the jumps going, get them out of shoes so the feet are working and keep away from wearing flip flops

This one is definitely an all of the time thing though, the feet get a hammering so really need to keep on top

Like most things its about getting them moving well and getting strength and stability in the places it needs it

In the winters get them on different surfaces and out of shoes, the achillies gets lazy so make them work

We want the tendons to be nice and strong too, remember prevention is better than cure

In the Inner Circle we have the whole ankle health video

Click here for access https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/membership-inner-circle/

As well as all other programs

Think differently


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