Im a big fan of this show, and during a slow bank holiday Sunday I was watching it again

If you haven’t seen it its where Karl Pilkington visits a load of different countries to experience their culture and traditions

And he is a proper fish out of water

The one I watched yesterday had him in China

He did the usual stuff

Visited the home of Kung Fu and the great wall of China

But the thing that stood out for me was when he went into a public toilet

He couldn’t believe his eyes

Instead of the normal cubical toilets which we are used to in the west, they had pretty much toilets on the floor with just little barriers between them

Now obviously this would be pretty odd to us

But I found it fascinating

Not for any dodgy reason big lad

For me it says a hell of a lot for the mobility, stability and movement patterns that most of the locals must have to use the facilities

They have to squat down bum to ground, hold it, do your business then stand back up

If you want to see what this is like try it at home

Just the squat bit

See if you can squat down, keep heels on floor, and keep the balance for 5 mins then stand back up

Id put a lot of money on you finding it very hard

And that’s what the western lifestyle, and ease of it, has done to our movement

We’ve said before we are seeing dysfunctions in players as young as 6 now

But in china people of 60/70 can hold a deep squat for a long time

Its not an age thing that’s for sure

If we reclaim movement, we reclaim health pretty quickly

If you cant do the squat test, ask yourself why

Then if you need help get in touch

Think differently


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