Its that’s time of year

Having that first bowl is always tough

But the morning… ouch

Stairs and sitting down are murder

So here are 8 ways to help lessen the pain

1-   Bring the body back down to normal heart rate as quick as possible. For this I use lying abdominal breathing, for around 5 minutes

2-   Fluid replacement. Get the water, and if possible salts, into the system as soon as off the pitch/net. Ideally you will have kept the water high throughout the session

3-   Contrast baths/showers. Have one bath warm and one cool at around 10 degrees (or showers). Go from 1 to the other spending up to 2 minutes in each around 3-4 times. Add in some Himalayan salts to the bath to help even further

4-   Nutrition. A protein/carb or fat shake will help get the best nutrients into you quickly and help the internal recovery process. If you’ve had a particularly hard game the carbs in a shake can help transfer the protein to the areas it needs to repair quicker

5-   Therapy ball self myofacial release. Use you therapy balls (or tennis balls will work to a certain degree) to keep a step ahead and help release the tight muscles and structures in the body. If you do this an hour before bed it can help take the body into a  parasympathetic state which can help sleep

6-   Get to bed at a decent time, around 10 will be ideal, and try not to have any electrical equipment in your bedroom, and make it as dark as possible. This helps the body’s own internal recovery

7-   A pre bed supplement of ZMA can also help you wake up a lot fresher

8-   The next morning a good mobility session is vital. Our boys are given 8-10 movements from our OCD program which help get them moving and the muscles working the way we want

So there we go.

Give these bad boys a go and you will be well ahead of the rest in terms of turning up the next day ready to rock

Think differently


P.s. we have the exact routines we use in our inner circle, click here for more

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