Trained all winter but still not feeling you’ve put on any pace?

Make sure you’re not making one of these common mistakes (in no particular order)

1) Lack of motor control

A big reason for not putting on pace

If the body isn’t moving how it should then its very hard to transfer power and pace through the body into the ball

Could be a stability or mobility issue

Find the driver for dysfunction and get it fixed and see great things start to happen in your bowling

2) Too much strength

You might be feeling strong as an ox but if you have just been doing all strength then its gonna be tough just to bowl faster

Just strength doesn’t equate to improved pace

3) Not strong enough

Now don’t get this twisted

You need to be strong

People get the wrong idea when we say don’t just do strength

Its massively important to be strong, you need to be strong

If you haven’t got strength its hard to convert to power and pace, so make sure you don’t skip the strength phase

4) Lack of specific training

Going hand in hand with strength, if you are not doing specific training for fast bowling then its gonna be very hard to gain the pace brother

Do you know your bowling classification using Steffs’ pioneering knee or hip dom ground breaking work, or if youre static or spring

Just like the guys on our 1 to 1 online training are doing

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5) Poor warm up

You can’t just go straight in and start to bowl fast

Proper prep and warm up is absolutely vital

Follow our S-RAMP protocol pre bowl to get the body in the right state to be able to bowl full throttle (available in the inner circle)

6) Poor nutrition

Big area that gets overlooked

Put rubbish into your body and perform the same

Nourish your body with goodness and it will perform a lot better and help you

Hydration is crucial to this as well

7) Poor recovery

You’re smashing the gym and training but then getting 2 hours sleep a night, playing on phone and laptop till all hours and not doing your soft tissue work and mobility

Sure fire way to get injured and not bowl quicker

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8) Not following a program

Like trying to put some flat pack furniture together without the instructions

You can see all the tools there but can’t put it together and look like it does on the box

Not following a specific plan to improve your pace or any aspect of your game will ultimately lead to frustration and not getting everything you can out of yourself

Our best plan to put on pace is our online 1 to 1 training, where the 12 week plan is designed specifically for you with your needs

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And maximise your full potential


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