Everyone is always trying to get the next big thing in recovery

Before they have got to grips with the basics that mother nature set for us

And sleep is a pretty key one

Next year I’ll be turning 40 and so it has kicked me into looking deeper into health and looking at my sleep to see if I can improve it to help with recovery and day to day living

I brought a strap and online system called Whoop which measures my sleep and breaks it down into 4 different components of sleep, and each day gives you a reading on how you slept but also the readiness for training that day

Which is pretty valuable

When you listen to the advice great things start to happen

So here are 5 ways ive manipulated my sleep to help recovery and be in a better condition to train the next day

Give them a go and see if they help you out

1) Sleep in a very dark room

Our sleep typically coincides with the night time, and dark. So we tend to get into a deeper sleep the darker the room is

I invested in a pair of blackout curtains (around £20 on amazon) and it worked wonders for my quality of sleep

2) Turn off electrical equipment

Its amazing how even the smallest bit of light or radio wave activity can hamper your sleep. Unplug that tv, turn off your phone (try to do it at least an hour before bed) and see your sleep get a lot better

3) Read a book

Now this may sound old school but a real book, not a kindle or ipad. Something that can take your mind off any stress you may have)

4) Do some soft tissue work

Hit up some gut smashs (part of the inner circle video library) and help the vagus nerve kick in and help calm body down. Can help send you off to a deep sleep

5) Supplements

Ive been experimenting with a form of colostrum and its sent my Slow Wave Sleep (the deepest form where recovery occurs) through the roof

Even when the sleep isn’t as long the % is still a lot higher in the recovery part, and you wake up feeling great

So give these a go and let us know if they help

For anymore info just come and join us in the Inner Circle here https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/membership-inner-circle/

Think differently


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