We get a lot of questions about training for young players


It’s an area with a lot of grey around it


No one has really got to the bottom of what is best


But I was at a seminar last week with Dr Rhodri Lloyd, who has been doing great stuff with young athletes conditioning work over in Wales


And he has come up with some really good parameters to help guide you on the best way to help the youngsters


It couldn’t come at a better time as well, the number of stress fractures that is happening to all players at a young age is getting very worrying


Its not even just the fast bowlers anymore either, but spinners and batters


But there are definitely things we can do to try and help out


1- Take regular height measurements.


Knowing if they are growing through a growth spurt will help you back off some workload. They gave 7.5cm change in a year as a minimum guide. Through this period focus on stability and movement


2- Use warm ups well-


Instead of doing some laps and regular stretching make it more focused. Introduces primal movements, crawling, crab walks, jumping, landings, turning etc. We put all things together in a little obstacle course to challenge them. Make it as fun as possible


3- Don’t assume things stay the same after a growth spurt-


You would have heard stories of how a player changed after growing, maybe a spinner couldn’t land it anymore, or a fast bowler over pitching. This would be due to the changes that have happened, and the control and stability they would’ve had before has changed. You almost have to treat the player as a new athlete, keep assessing and adjusting their program accordingly until they catch up with their body


4- Have patience


Things wont happen overnight. No matter how much we learn and how hard we try there will still be some injuries. Keep doing your best for them and give them all the support they need.


5- Be smart


Don’t load the hell out of them with either bowling or lifting when they are going through these changes. Even the batters and spinners need looking after. If they cant control a hip hinge and are being loaded with deadlifts get ready to visit the scanner


In all its pretty much common sense based with some great data


As with every player make sure the base is there and then build


Progressively, smartly and at the right time


And if you need more help then the Inner Circle is always here


Click here for that https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/membership-inner-circle/


Think differently



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