I introduced a new concept this year for bowling technique.


Identifying whether a bowler is hip or knee dominant.


On identifying it would then need the coach and bowler to determine the direction they wish to take.




One of the main kinematic attractors for fast bowling or any throwing skill is HIP SHOULDER SEPERATION.


That has to happen and is a non negotiable.


Without it the sequence is ineffective, inefficient and unsafe.


Ok, we all agree on that right?


So, most bowlers are taught to bowl side on for some reason from a very young age.


Why, who decided this was the best way?


Yes it causes more torque etc but it doesn’t take into account anthropometry and the strength of the athlete.


It takes between 0.30sec to 0.70sec to go from BFC to FFC.


This is the flight time and varies by the quality of the contact on the back foot and whether the bowler is hip or knee dominant.


Sprint mass model- more energy in more out (stiffness).


So we expect the bowler to land, pre turn with internal hip rotation in a fraction of a second due to the feet being required to point forward, identifying hip shoulder separation and an open pelvis position (BOTH FEET NEED TO BE UNDER THE HIPS POINTING FORWARD ON FFC).


That’s hard and requires a lot of training and top level biomotor qualities.


Unfortunately, cricketers currently don’t possess these due in part to a lack of specificity in their training prog.


So what I suggest is 3 things


  1. Change /modify technique to become more of a slinger. Therefore creating more time in the upper body


  1. Embrace the dominance and strength train to guarantee the large knee flexion isn’t accentuated and eccentric training becomes a stable in the prog


  1. Manipulate training to develop more of a hip dominant trait of getting off back foot quicker. So more speed/reactive/speed work not MxS training


Here is an awesome example of how the theory works. Bowler has gone from mid 70s mph to 85.1mph in over a year.


Simply by modifying technique to become more “slinger” and utilising the time spent on BFC.


Makes it special when a coach trusts my theory & applies the knowledge gained into practice.


Well done


Assess don’t guess




p.s. take a look at the new main website, where you can also find a link to pacelab www.cricketstrength.com





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