Another great question in this week


This time its from Paul who wants to know more about the mobility work


Here is what he asked us




Hey Ross


I got a quick question regarding mobility which from following and training with you and steff I know can be a very big issue for bowlers.


So here it is, when I do the OCD program set for me I do always feel better after a month or so and feel like I move better, but the signs of dysfunction still seem to be there, e.g. Slouched shoulders or constant lateral flexion so was wondering how am I doing something wrong?








Fantastic question


And mobility can be a tricky one to stick


What we have to remember is that mobility always need to be surrounded by stability


So if you are looking to increase the mobility around your thoracic spine then you need to be making sure the stability around your trunk (core) is sound


So while we can help it individual sections we need to on top of every section for it to stick


Also we gotta look at habits outside of bowling and the gym


At the moment there are a ton of things which are smashing our posture at the moment


Text neck, sitting all day, poor shoes, not moving enough are habits that people are in which are tough for the body


And it copes by getting into a position of ease, although these are not good postural positions for the body


Make a plan, hit the mobility and stability where you need it


Doing a week of it then feeling better, and going back to old habits will have you yoyo-ing between pain and no pain


Then work on the drills for your action, the isometric ones Steff has introduced are having great benefits for our guys


And any other help you need come and join us in the inner circle


Just click here


Think differently




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