There have been some great strides forward made in cricket over the last few years in terms of looking after players well being


Especially when it comes to being hit on the head and concussion


Following on from sports such as rugby and boxing, where concussion is almost par for the course and dealt with in far greater numbers, cricket has upped its gamed tremendously in this regard


Now even if a player has a glancing blow to the helmet the physio is called on to give them a once over to make sure they are ok


If there is any doubt at all that the player is not ok they are taken from the field and given a test


Now the beauty of this test is that its not a one off


The players are tested in pre season where there is no sign of injury to the head at all


This is to gain a good baseline so that if they are then hit during the season and have to take the test again, there is already data there to allow the physio to see if there has been any significant change


And this seems pretty straight forward and common sense


But then we don’t use it in movement of injuries


We don’t have a baseline, apart from capacity tests like yoyo, jumps and sprints to see when a player is ready to go again


I heard an alarming case where a player was recovering from a side strain and the only criteria for return to play was being asked how he felt


No gradual overs increase either, 30 overs first week back in


When if you have good baseline measurements you can put in place a proper structure to allow them to comeback to play safely


Its no wonder that the biggest red flag for injury in sports is previous injury if this is allowed to happen


And remember its not just about checking the injured area, we want to see if it has had a knock on effect anywhere else?


So we need to follow the concussion protocols and get ahead of injuries and have a graduated plan for return to play


Asking how you feel doesn’t really cut it


We did a webinar in the Inner Circle showing the simple baselines and weekly measures that you can do that will give you great feedback and data


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