Belter of a question in from Jack last week


Running on from the hamstring theme that seemed to run through the articles


So here is what he asked




Hi Ross,


I’ve been a member on your site for a few months now and I just have a quick question as I’m hoping you’ve had previous experience with the problem.


Last week I bowled a lot of overs due to unplanned training sessions.


I woke up on Monday with what I can only describe as a twitchy hamstring, it was a little sore but I could squat and lunge and even bend over and touch my toes with zero discomfort, but just occasionally whilst moving it would “twitch” which would be a little painful.


I was hoping you could shed a little light on the situation.


Is it just overworked?


I bowled around 25 overs over 3 days split up over the week.


Any advice?




Hope you can get back to me.






Great couple of questions in there


First up I’m not a fan of unplanned training sessions


Bowling takes such a toll on the body that as much as you can you need to be planning properly when you are training and playing so you don’t suddenly get a huge spike in workload, which is when injuries are more likely to appear


Obviously sometimes it cant be avoided with weather etc, but try to plan it out to the best of your, or your coaches ability


Onto the hammy


Now this is all conjecture going by the information at hand, but as your movements such as the squat and lunge don’t provoke a painful reaction its safe to say its probably not a muscular issue but a neural one


Which would lead us to the trunk (core) to have a look at the lower back for any issue


What I would do is go back to the dysfunction protocols on the Inner Circle, go through the breathing and rolling patterns and see if there is any difference from before


For the next week id stick to these until the pain has gone, then continue with the program


And also making sure youre getting some salts and potassium in the diet


For anyone not in the inner circle remember the doors are closing for December


Get in now to be using the brand new bowling program to have you in the best shape possible for next season


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Think differently



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