Fantastic question sent in by Robbie to our facebook page


The big lad has had a long history of back issues


Just like so many fast bowlers


Here is what he asked us




Hey, just saw your Facebook ad regarding the back to bowling programme for stress fractures.


I have double stress fracture in lumbar 5 that I had aged 15/16.


I got myself fit using swiss ball with light weights programme was back bowling again within a year and on the whole been pain free for 10 years.


I have stopped playing cricket in the last year and started to notice very tight hip flexors, thoracic spine and neck along with increased “knots” around my right scapular.


I have also noticed exactly what you mention in the video about my squat in the gym, loading my right side and hips swaying.


Would you recommend me started from the beginning of your programme to try to find my neutral again and work on mobility from the bottom, even if there is no direct pain?


Thanks in advance for your advice, very interesting to hear someone who is an expert in this field of Cricket injuries.








Love this question so much


You can tell Robbie is a smart cookie and is actually thinking about what might be best for his back and not just going full speed into another regulation strength program


Now what Robbie has experienced in the time that he has taken off bowling is the same sort of pattern of movement dysfunction we are seeing in 9, 10 and 11 year olds


At 3 years old they have every movement available to them, but all this natural ability gets beat out of them by being sat down all day and the amount of ‘play’ time reduced considerably


And it just speeds up when your older and the old adage of if you don’t use it youll lose it comes into play


So it’s right to regress and get the foundations set before progressing.


And that squat test is a pretty good indicator when one side is being loaded a lot more than the other


So take it back, test your movement patterns, single leg stances, hip hinge, upper body mobility, reactive trunk strength and activation


From these see where you are lacking and start there


And if you need help we have all this within our Inner Circle


We will take you through everything you need with our regular webinars, programs, exercises and Monday new content learning


Join us in here to help your game and body


Think smartly



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