Where are you?

You’ve probably reached the end of the season now


How’d it go?


If you look back to a year ago are you now where you hoped you’d be in you game, or physically


If no then why not


And how are you gonna change it for next year?


If the plan is to do the same old stuff you’ve always done then you remember the old quote which we being back


“Do what you always did, get what you always got”


This can apply both ways


The obvious one is if you’re not where you want to be, then do the same stuff again, how do you expect to improve


The other side of the coin is if you had massive success with what you have done, you’ve put on pace, not got injured and actions has been tight, then just look to add some gloss rather than reinvented the wheel


Whatever your needs we are here for you


On our membership Inner Circle we will be taken you through a entire plan that we will have in place for a professional fast bowler


Every exercise, drill, set, rep and rest times


Or if you really want to dial down into your body and game there are now only 2 places left on the build the fast bowler day


Where we will take you through the exact screening process we use on our bowlers


From FMS screening, to fitness testing, to getting into your bowling


Then you’ll have a program that’ll take you into next season


And you wont then get to this time next year with regret


Sound like something that floats you boat?


Jump in now here while there are still 2 places left https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/build-fast-bowler-2-0/


Once they are gone they’re gone, and its the only live event we are doing this year


Lets improve together