Question time back today


It’s from Saifali


Turns out the big fella has been getting some pain around the groin area


This is what he’s asked




Hi Ross


I had a quick question regarding a pain in my right groin (left arm bowler) for about a week now whenever I bowl I feel a slight pain in my groin but is bearable and I bowl through and then today after the session I found it hard to walk very sharp pain.


I iced it but not much help.


Any advice or help








Good question


Ice is still the go to for most people when they pick up an injury, but its not always the best thing to do


Of course we all get told the old adage of RICE


Rest, Ice, Compressions, Elevation


And as a general rule of thumb this isn’t bad


But there is a caveat


It will work best with a muscular injury


And if you’re doing it and its not helping then it’s probably not a muscular thing


There is a chance it could be a neural pain coming from the back and it coming out in the groin area


In this sort of case icing won’t make a difference at the point of pain


Some other things you can do to see if the pain is neural or not is do some power work at the site of pain.


So some adductor plank or slide would give you a good indication. If they are a no no then it very well could be muscular, but if you can do them it’s time to look around


Start to explore the back, motor control etc, see if there is an issue around the disks, check mobility ranges


Just hitting the ice time and again even when it’s not working will get you nowhere fast


If you need more help come on over to the Inner Circle and look in our extensive library or exercises, programs and webinars


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