Question time big fella


And this was one I had to remain pretty calm over


A couple years ago my reply would’ve been a bit different but I like to think that im mellowing with age


Maybe 😉


So onto the question




Just been reading some of your stuff online and cant help think some of it is crap


The whole thing about rolling patterns? WTF?


How would that help me bowl quick? I just want you to tell me the best strength exercises, I don’t want to be doing that rubbish


What even is the point of it?






When I calmed down I realised that I actually didn’t mind the question


Maybe it could’ve been worded slightly different granted


But im a big fan of being questioned


Its one of the things that changed the way I prescribed exercise years ago, the thought of someone simply coming in and asking why


And if you cant answer that big lad then your up to your knees in the brown stuff


So let me answer Scotts’ question


For me rolling patterns provide a great insight into the reactive core component of a bowler


This isn’t the same as the normal ‘core’ we think about, and the exercises like crunches, leg raises etc


No this is the deep layer that we need to be working to stabilise the spine (and tomorrow I’ll be talkin about the 2 different parts of core training)


And there is a thing called the anterior oblique sling in the body, which comprises the internal & external oblique’s, pec and TVA (see pic attached)


As you can see this is pretty crucial to be working for fast bowler


But do you think we can gauge how well its working with a squat or deadlift?


Not a chance


Put take a bowler off their feet, ask them to roll from their back to their front using just their arms, and youll see pretty soon if there is an issue


If they struggle then you can be sure they will be visiting their friendly neighbourhood physio pretty soon


So this is why the rolling pattern is an invaluable tool for detecting issues, and helping activate the anterior sling


Maybe not so useless after all


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Think smartly



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