Had the dreading trip to the supermarket yesterday


And big fella it is one of my least favourite grown up job


Id put it right up there with hanging washing up and doing the dishes


When I go I try and get everything done as quick as possible


Im pretty sure I get a form of agoraphobia whilst in there, having an instant dislike for a lot of people


The 2 that rile me the most are the stopper and long players


The stoppers are those people who will literally just stop in front of you, or make a bee line to get in the way then stop, drives me mad


Then you have the long payers, those who decide to have an in depth chat with the cashier whilst paying and then taking an age to pack, get their cards out, pay, put them away then load the bags


But anyway


What really annoyed me yesterday was none of these


It was myself


You see I knew what I had to get, had a plan, but when I got home I realised if not picked out 5 of the things I really needed


Id got there and went like a bull in a china shop, getting in and out as quickly as possible


But in my haste id cocked up which meant a 2nd trip back there


The key thing I didn’t do?


Make a list and refer to it


One of the big mistakes we can make is thinking we will remember what we need to get


And in the gym what we need to do


The number of times I’ve seen an exercise, thought this is perfect for a particular player, and then when it comes to can’t remember what it was or where I saw it


Damn that’s annoying


And when you go in have you got that program like a shopping list where you can tick off


Your correctives, activations and program


Then what you need to do for recovery and regeneration


If you stick with the list there is far more chance of success


And you wont have to take the 2nd trip in a day back there


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Think differently





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