Now this is a question I bet 90% of guys can answer


Everyone knows what they bench


It seems to be the standard that guys judge their strength on


And everyone knows that Mondays are officially chest day so everyone gets their bench on


They can’t wait to tell you as well


Like a vegan crossfitter, they literally are bursting at the seams to tell you about what they can lift, how many reps, whether they are doing negative reps, drop sets, reverse band, clusters or whatever they are doing


But in the cricket world we maybe need to be a bit smarter


Lets try and get some new things that bowlers say first instead of how much they lift


Like how many wickets they’ve got


What’s their strike rate and average


How batsmen are telling you that you’ve increased your pace


Surely that’s what we want to be hearing


Our Inner Circle member Sean sent us this message




Afternoon chaps.


Just wanted to say, I had my first outdoor bowl on Thursday.


I was bowling with a horrible old ball on a wet deck and felt yards quicker than last year with a new ball!


A couple of my team mates also said I had put on pace.


Thanks for your help with everything during the off season. Looking forward to what will hopefully be a great season








Yes big lad, that’s what we want to hear


Do you think we asked him how much he was benching


Or even care?




Of course we’re not saying it can help, but it’s not the only thing


Getting the kinetic sequence right, fixing dysfunctions and getting stable and mobile are absolutely key


Having your inner core firing when its needed for extra support is everything for a fast bowler


Then you can add the strength on top


Make sure you are telling people how quick you’re bowling this year, not your bench big lad


Think differently




p.s. join us in the Inner Circle if you want to be telling everyone youre bowling quicker


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