Approach velocity for fast bowlers is a skill that often gets forgotten.


There is an optimum velocity to run in.


It depends on whether the bowler is knee (slower so more balanced and able to use rotational power) or hip dominant ( faster using momentum into front foot block).


However there is a sweet spot whatever their bowling type.


I am fortunate to have @1080motion sprint at Wellington school which we will use for all athletes.


During the early part of the summer I will be performing a study using the 1080 sprint to identify the optimum run up VELO for my quicks.






Our hip dominant bowler collapses on FFC when he runs in quickly.


However when he slows it down he will brace his front leg.




Using 1080 sprint we will add resistance to the approach, starting heavy until it reaches the point where the action begins to fail as the resistance decreases and running velo increases.


Have a watch here


At that point we will speed gun test him to see if his Bowling velocity is less with the approach that enables effective FF block?


If the pace is the same we will then take the 1080 sprint outside and set the resistance as to guarantee he consistently hits the running velocity before technique breakdown.


We will then groove that approach.


However if the bowling VELO is less we will not be running in slower.


We now deal in facts.


They key point is that a hip dominant bowler will be able to bowl with a less than perfect technique, think Steyn and Rabada.


Both collapse on FFC.


However the most effective and efficient way to bowl is by maintaining the COM as high as possible on FFC and increasing the gravitational momentum into the block.


The hip hinge is the fulcrum not the knee joint.


So my thinking is combining ‘the NO 1 kinematic model with the highly reactive and explosive bowling type’


On the other hand our knee dominant bowlers will be encouraged to run in quicker and their optimum running velocity for maxim bowling velocity will be monitored.


This is when technology can help performance.


I will keep you updated on our results.


Think differently




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