Understanding the RESIDUAL EFFECT of training is key for Peak performance. This means how long before the benefits of the last training phase start decreasing.

Speed decreases within 5-7 days of not training for it whereas Maximum strength decreases 30-35 days .

This is why its so important to get the right periodised program as a FAST BOWLER. Dont just do a workout for the sake of it. Plan it properly and perform it at the right time

This is why I believe my SPEED DEMON program is the best FAST BOWLING program in the world. Thats all I care about is getting you bowling FASTER in competition.

Currently do you follow this periodised plan

Maximum strength focus with 1 CONTRAST lift

2-4 Compound exercises CONTRAST

Full COMPLEX program ( Vertical loading- giant set format or Horizontal loading-perform all sets of 1 exercise before moving on)

1st competitive important game. You are GAME READY!!

If not, why not!!


Do not just accept what someone is making you do, you need to take control


Find someone who really understands how to periodise your S&C and bowling program, who can put together a long term plan for you


The wrong program, training and under recovery could put the brakes on your game very quickly


Thank you for reading, we would love

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