We had our first webinar on Monday and I gotta say I really enjoyed it
For a Strength & Conditioning coach I always get a bit of a kick when I get the hang of some new software, being pretty much a technophobe I find it pretty amazing the stuff you can do when you give it a go
Its well out of my comfort zone, give me shouting at a bunch of players anytime rather than getting  my geek on with the laptop!!
Any how…
One of the things that came out of the presentation is something that im pretty sure will help you
And its to do with when you are about to start a new program
You are probably like me, just wanna jump straight in and get cracking on it right
Im terrible for it
Patience definitely has never been a virtue for me!
But this little tip saves me time and will save you a lot of hassle in the long run when you are smashing your program up
And that is to assess where you are at your starting point
Pretty simple right?
Take the time to see where are, physically
And the way I showed those guys on the webinar how to do it was the way I give you on the OCD program
Take 3 pictures of yourself
1 from the front, 1 from the side and 1 from the back
And then you can have a look for yourself at the difference in your body from one side to the other
Being a fast bowler there definitely will be some difference
That’s the nature of what you do
But with the OCD we are looking to minimize that difference
Allow the body to be working as close to normal as possible
And it can work for just about any part of the body
Our man Mike got his copy of the OCD and seems pretty pleased with it
“I have a condition called ankylosing spondylitis, and there is nothing that can be done apart from disease modifying drugs and a mobility/movement regime. The OCD program is perfect IMO.
Mike O’Dea”
The beauty with taking pictures at the start?
You can track your progress
See exactly how you are changing your body for the better
So before you start your program get your pictures done
And measurements if you want
But track all the way through, it could be a game changer for you
Think differently
p.s. if you want to get your hands on the OCD click here http://cricketstrength.com/ocd-program/
ocd program goob

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