Will a female bowler ever bowl over 80mph?


If we continue to try and copy how male counterparts bowl then no.


However, I believe if we begin coaching young female bowlers to all bowl front on, yes, I think they can.


Note Goldie Sayers BFC here https://www.instagram.com/p/BoubIzcAxR1/?taken-by=steffanjones105


Yes, big statement but currently all female bowlers are told to bowl side on and it just can’t work.


Physiologically and anthropometrically it’s not possible for a female bowler to generate any power from landing side on.


“Yes, there’ll be physiological reasons related to hormones and muscle physiology/ morphology/ architecture of course, not to mention contractile speeds etc.


However biomechanically there should be no reasons and there certainly shouldn’t be neurological reasons” – @thecoachparker


Ultimately there is a huge discrepancy between male and female athletes that don’t exist in other sports to the same degree.


Having looked up various world records comparing the differences


Difference between men + women

Pitching. 37.1%

Bowling. 23%

100m sprint. 9%


It is evident when rotational trunk power, upper body power and strength are involved to complete the skill the difference increases.


Sprinting times don’t vary that much between both.


So we know females can run fast, and Fast bowling VELOCITY comes from a combination of momentum= run up, torque= rotation and impulse=arm speed.


So why not take rotation out of it!


It is clear that due to biomotor differences and anthropometry females can’t generate enough torque to deliver the ball over 80mph as it’s never been done before.


Highest is 77mph. So, with that in mind I suggest that all female bowlers land front on or midway.


Don’t try and make them bowl side on.


They haven’t the strength to pre-turn due to Q angle and wider hips and can’t effectively separate hips and shoulders but have the qualities needed to run in fast!


“The Q angle for women is 4.6° greater than that for men due to the presence of a wider pelvis, increased femoral anteversion, and a relative knee valgus angle”


Notice the best female Javelin thrower have all landed more linear on the back foot because of the ‘Q’ angle.


Athletics embraces anthropometry, Cricket needs to start


Always here to help http://www.pacelab.co.uk/



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