After identifying their ‘bowling type’ a plan can now be designed.


Key questions need to be asked.


Option 1.


Do you just strengthen the pattern the bowler currently has?


Hip dominant [HD] bowlers will need to reinforce the hip hinge pattern, hip extension work whilst knee dominant [KD] bowlers can ‘squat until they drop’ without negatively effecting technique. Hip bowlers need more caution and require a careful periodised plan.


Stiff landing is a skill and trait that is ingrained.


This highly beneficial habit needs careful managing and any exercise that confuses the natural pattern needs to be introduced with careful attention.


However, knee dominant bowlers can pretty much do what they want in terms of preparation training.


Option 2.


Do you change their technique to match the natural pattern they have?


If you’re knee dominant you need to develop a greater range to increase time as the back foot remains on the floor longer as knee flexion occurs to access power in the large quad muscles as discussed previously.


The kinematic attractor of the ‘upper body contralateral extension’ is essential for a knee dominant bowler.


This creates a longer pull and more time in the upper body. So, for timing, synchronization and sequencing the upper body will need to ‘slow down’ and allow the lower half to ‘stack’ up and hips and shoulder to separate.


They will need to become long arm-pull slingers.


This isn’t a technique that is encouraged by coaches that are unaware of its benefits!


Option 3.


Do you try and train the bowlers to become hip dominant which is the most effective way to bowl due to less time on back foot contact [BFC]?


However, this needs to match the kinematics of the bowler.


You don’t want a ‘slinger’ to be quick off the back foot as timing will be totally disrupted.


Its a careful process that requires knoweldge on all aspects.


Known as ‘The governing dynamics of coaching’


Lets change the status quo




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