Had my regular cinema visit this week


Really is one of my favourite times of the week


And this time I went for a film that I wouldn’t normally go for




Not a big fan at all


The last one I watched was back in 2014, the conjuring


I don’t know why I put myself through it!


But id seen really good reviews for The Quiet Place so thought id give it a go


And it was a belter


Kept me on the edge of my seat, or hiding behind my hat the whole time


The basic premise was that in the near future the human race was being hunted by some extra terrestrials


Nasty little buggers they were


But they could only hunt through hearing


Anyone making noise was in big trouble


So the main family it focused on had done something interesting


They had got rid of shoes and put sand down on all their normal walking routes and stayed shoeless the whole movie


Which was smart




It re taught them to walk and run as nature intended


Mid to front foot and with very little sound


Back in the old hunter gatherer stage do you think it would be an advantage to be able to creep up on prey


Of course


If you didn’t then you’d be pretty damn hungry all the time


Now for you hopefully there wont be an alien invasion of supersonic hearing beings soon, or you having to hunt for you food


But for general lower body, and lower back, health, go barefoot every now and then


Make sure the surface is decent and free of any potential hazards


Our lads do all their gym work barefoot and we manage to keep any instances of things like shin splints very low


Give it a go


It might just save your life at some point 😉


Think differently




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