Injuries are a strange thing


We do all we can to try and minimise the risk of you getting injured but sometimes they just happen


And not in the places you think they will


And this makes screening all the more important


We can start to see some trends and try and get ahead of potential problems


If we see someone who looks fine and pretty stable with 2 feet on the floor, but then in single leg they are all over the place then that should be a red flag to potential issues


Remember a hell of a lot of fast bowling is done on one leg, there isn’t the other one there to lend support when you have 6-10 x your bodyweight crashing through the front leg at FFC


And if you try and mask these instabilities and dysfunction with bilateral exercises then the same weight distribution will not be going through both sides


So your bad side might be taking only 30% of the load where as your good side the other 70


Big fella that would mean your good side could become the bad pretty quickly


I got told this analogy the other day which aligns with this


Say there are 2 of you in a room and there are a load of heavy stones one side, and you both have to pick them up and take them to the other side


Now one of you does about 10 then decides they cant be bothered to do anymore, leaving you to do the heavy lifting for the other 90 stone, then guess which one of you is more likely to get injured


Not the one doing a lot less work and having themselves a nice little sit down in the corner


It will be you from doing the majority of the work


So when your ‘bad’ side doesn’t get the major injury, but your ‘good’ does, remember that if you aren’t trying to balance the load as much as possible you are running the risk of having 2 bad sides


And that can be pretty hard to come back from


So get yourself screened, see what you need to work on, and give yourself the best chance to stay injury free


And if you need more help on this you’ll love the pro training we have just done in the inner circle, where I shared a case study of the importance of screening with 2 lads who normally look the same


Check it out, join us here


Think differently



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