The things that get lost for fast bowlers


When I look back at training programs ive done for players there are always some exercises that you have lost along the way
In 16 seasons there is a hell of a lot of programs
And a lot of exercises that get forgot
And lost
Missed out
Some absolute belters, and sometimes it bites you on the ass
A few years back big Al Richo got a tricep injury, and it was after a winter where id missed out the overhead pulls
Damn I kicked myself for that one
It might not have stopped the injury but having missed it I believed I hadn’t done my job as well as I could’ve
When you are constantly learning there are so many new exercises that you see and learn about
The key?
Like anything
Learning what to use, what to log away, and what to bin is a great skill to develop
Ive worked with some coaches who literally see something and try to implement it straight away
And if its polar opposite to what youve been preaching about before it can leave players pretty damn confused
So for the last few years ive stuck to pretty much a similar blue print, and just manipulated the exercises within it
The big thing ive added has been a lot more mobility, stability and soft tissue work
If youve got our overcoming dysfunction program would’ve seen this
It’s the foundation of training, the key points to get right before moving on the strength
My whole bases for programming has changed with the introduction of the mobility and stability work, and its exactly what I’d do for you
Player’s pre, and post game, as well as prep for conditioning sessions and recovery days revolve around the overcoming dysfunction program
We see where their limitation is and give them the corresponding program and off they go
Its made my life a lot easier
As well as kept the boys feeling amazing and on the park
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Think differently
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  1. Is it worth using the meta tags on web pages then?
    A friend told me Matt Cutts said to stop using them a few months
    ago as they can harm your rankings

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