Was at the supermarket the other day and it was one of those massively annoying times where you get a trolley and its got a busted wheel


So frustrating


Especially as I was feeling pretty smug that this was one occasion where I’d actually remembered to bring my own bag to pack with


Which is a very rare occurrence my friend, spend a fortunes on bags and have a cupboard full of them at home


Now this trolley was a royal pain in the ass


Want to go left it would go right


Want to go right it would be veering off left


Drag it backwards was like pulling a 100kg sled with 1 arm


It was a shocker


You might think that the more you put in the trolley and the heavier it got then the wheel might be working better, move freely and go quicker


But nope, the heavier it got the more awkward it got


And big fella that’s just like your body


If something is like the wheel of the trolley, and not working right, then loading the hell out of it isn’t gonna either fix the issue, or make it work better


But by taking the time and getting into what the real issue is, then you start t get some pretty miraculous results


If you fixed the wheel, you could then load and it could move quicker


Same with the body


Spend the time getting the foundations set and everything working well


And then you are free to load and gain the strength which can make a huge difference


Which we are all for. There is absolutely a huge place for a well designed and individulasied strength program on the back of getting the movements right first


The impacts can be awesome for performance and injury prevention


If you want to see how we do this there is still a couple spots left for the build the Fast Bowler day, so get in quick


For more about that read here https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/build-fast-bowler-2-0/


Lets improve together



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