There seems to be a word which keeps popping up in cricket when talking about fast bowlers


And young fast bowlers in particular


And that is making them ‘robust’


I keep hearing it all the time


Which is fine in itself


Of course we want every young bowler to have a long and fruit full career, and bowl at good pace


But what is worrying me is the rush to jump in and get them on strength programs that you’d usually see a second row forward in rugby have


Being nosey if im in a facility where young players are being trained I take a look at any programs that are on the wall


And hell, some of them scare me


It seems there are exercises we are just shoe horning into kids


Kids who cant move


Kids who are getting injured all the time


And the excuse im hearing is we need to make them robust


News flash— if the player keeps getting injured and youre doing more and more strength work then you are not making them robust, you are doing completely the opposite


You are not looking at the players needs, you are just getting them to do what you like


Gray Cook put out a very simple message about this last week


Get these things in process before jumping into lifting, especially bilateral lifting


The 3 biggest injury red lights


  1. Previous Injury.


  1. Left/Right Asymmetries.


  1. Movement Limitations.


Once you remove these then you can get into strengthening


To ignore these is very dangerous


For me someone who moves well, has their asymmetries sorted and bowling technique sound will be a lot more robust than someone who just lives in the gym


And they can continually build strength onto a system that is working


Not onto a broken system


Be smart with your training


For more help our Inner Circle is all you need


Join up here to turbo charge your bowling this season


Think smartly







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