Knee dominant bowlers- If there is one exercise you choose to do this winter it has to be training internal hip rotation on your back leg.


The inability to PRE TURN on BFC that enables both feet to point forward which is a consequence of hip shoulder seperation is one of the MAJOR FLAWS in fast bowling these days.


The days of the highly reactive fast bowler is dying.


The days of the all-round athlete who play different sports all year , bowl with their mates on the beach or field without being monitored that develops tendon stiffness have gone.


It’s now about fast bowlers who enter into an academy system built like robots , specialise too early and don’t develop the biomotor qualities from other sports, like reactivity and stiffness.


This is why the inability to land and turn/pivot on back foot has reached EPIDEMIC proportions.


Seriously how many more lower back stress fractures due to lateral flexion are needed before the penny drops.


These kids cannot get off the back foot quick enough.


Next time you watch a side on bowler bowl observe their FFC.


Is the back foot still side on or has it pivoted and now facing forward??


I guarantee 90% of the population their back foot is still sideways- not good!!!


So coaches decide early on.


  1. Do you train the back foot. Do you groove the pre turn pattern- myelination. Teach them to have a stiff contact, pivot and get off quickly


  1. Do you turn them to front on or midway bowlers


These are the 2 QUESTIONS for your side on/knee DOMINANT bowlers.


You’ll never stop large flexion at the knee- that’s an ingrained habit and not necessarily a bad thing ((flexion allows a quicker internal rotation)


But u can teach them not to sink any further and to get off BFC quickly.


Unless you do.


We will continue to have medical reports like I see every year at professional level.


No it’s not acceptable to have bowlers suffering stress fractures due to poor bowling actions and poor training methods.


Yes I get it’s stressful, I did it for a long time, and no I didn’t suffer stress fractures, but let’s reduce the chances of suffering fractures.


It doesn’t have to be this way


Have a look at the exercises here




p.s. if you want to dive deeper join us in the Inner Circle here


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