You might remember a couple of weeks ago I spoke about the importance of getting the inner core working


Or the reactive core


The deep muscles that work to help pretty much all movement


And importantly for fast bowlers, in a world where lumbar stress fractures are so common place, they help to protect and stablise the spine


Well we want to dive a little deeper into for you today


There is a great graphic (attached) to help show you the importance of actually fixing and making sure it is working well from the inside rather than try and force it into a position that might look good on the eye but in reality could be having a very detrimental effect


Have a look at the picture, it depicts the inner core as a pressurised canister


You’ve got the diaphragm at the top under the ribs, the pelvic floor muscles at the bottom, and in the middle the TVA and multifidus


What the picture is showing is when that inner core is working together and when its not


So when its not, its saying the canister is leaking (on the right)


When its leaking you can see the lower back is in extension (a killer for fast bowlers), the diaphragm is looking like you’re taking chest breaths instead of belly and the pelvic floor is off because of the anterior tilt and extension


Now this is a common thing you will see in fast bowlers, and lots of people


The critical thing for me here is to delve into it and change it from leaking to pressurised through corrective work


What we need to avoid is just taking that tilt and using external forces to push you back upright


When you do that you aren’t getting rid of the problem youre just trying to hide it, so it might look like the anterior tilt has gone but you’ve just forced it into a higher position


And when you load it guess what




Pelvis injuries, groins, hamstrings and most damaging of all stress fractures


This is why it’s so crucial to take the time and get the canister pressurised


Get the inner core working as it should, it will give so much more power


Clean up that pelvis and diaphragm and it will make a hell of a difference


Yes the exercises aren’t as sexy as lifting heavy and sprinting


But it might well help you do those later on a lot better


And keep you on the park and performing even better


Which is what you want right?


If you need more help then you can always get it in the Inner Circle


We are here to make you better


Hit the link


See you in there








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