With the new year comes all sorts of new years resolutions


Most of them seem to be around getting physically into shape


Which involves nutrition


The dreaded diet


Now there is a whole heap of information out there about diets, which one you should go for


Low fat, low carb, juice only, calorie restricted, IIFYM


Where the hell do you start


Well ill stick my 2 penny worth in


There is definitely one thing I would steer away from if you have too much body fat


And that is following and professional athletes diets


Say you follow a cyclist who competes in the tour de france


Or a rugby forward, maybe even a prop


You might look at what these people do, see that they look in decent shape, might have brought a book out, and think ok that is the information I am going to follow


Big lad I’ve done exactly that in the past


I was reading a book about the importance of carbs for runners and thought jesus, im getting nowhere near enough


So in went the carbs


Bread, garlick bread, pasta I got it all in


And guess what


I got a lot fatter


Now im pre disposed to put on weight, I do it very easy


But this was crazy


Then I stopped to think what was going wrong


I was following a diet set for someone who was doing nearly 150 miles of running a week


How in the hell did I think that would suit me?


Crazy right


So don’t fall into that trap


For my money, and what works well if you’re carry body fat, go clean


Single ingredient foods, lots of veg and water


And don’t go exercise crazy straight away


Id even say in the first week of a diet maybe just get in some meditation, long walks and relaxing


Don’t stress the body out to the point of getting ill


If you need a hand from Monday I’ll be uploading a detox for the Inner Circle Guys


A 20 day step by step guide to stripping the body fat


If that floats your boat then jump in here https://cricketstrength.lpages.co/membership-inner-circle/


Think differently



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