Question time again


Had this little beauty in from Saif about what happens the day after bowling


Here is what he asked




Hi guys


I am a left arm fast bowler and I keep getting little aches and pains after bowling.


Like the day after bowling I feel like I have strained a muscle in my lower left lat.


Also I feel my lower body is quite tight.


So I don’t know how to deal with these issues as I don’t have a strength and conditioning coach at the moment due to not being with a county.


If you could help me that would be great


Thanks Saif




Great question


There sounds like quite a lot is going on here


And the trouble is if you don’t know what the root cause is you could be chasing it around the body and never quite catching it


Which can be massively frustrating


If you read the article about hard work not paying off this could prove that exact point.


You might be working hours a day on mobility and recovery but if that isn’t the answer then you could be going around in circles


Now what we also have to separate is normal stiffness pain after bowling, because after all fast bowling isn’t a natural thing to do so does hurt, and actual mechanical or structural pain


A simple test to see if your low body is lacking mobility, and that your trunk is lacking stability, is try and touch your toes


Can’t get anywhere near?


Then you have issues (and deadlifting is off the table for a start)


And it’s time to dial into it a bit more to try and get the main issues dealt with


In the Inner Circle we have the dysfunction protocols that blanket cover pretty much all dysfunctions


We have everyone go back there for 4 weeks and then they feel pretty dam good, and begin to load again


To be afraid to go back to come forward stronger


And use it the day after bowling to help recovery


Have a look here to join us in there


Think differently



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