The main issue & cause of lower back injuries in fast bowlers is poor hip shoulder separation.


This is mainly due to a lack of ability to pre turn from a stiff BFC.


Knee DOMINANT bowlers can also separate as seen here by champion thrower @thomasroehler


Fast bowlers aren’t coached to do it both technically and physically.


If you’re a knee dominant bowler who lands just like Thomas Roehler then you need to decide whether you change the landing position to enable you to go into FFC with more acceleration or really embrace the dominance and get brutally strong.


Most javelin throwers land side on for BFC to get the maximum benefit of hip internal rotation and subsequent trunk rotation (torque) but they are able to separate due to their training.


Have you seen how athletic these guys are?


Cricket has bowlers who are side on but have inadequate strength and power programmes.


So what they end up with is a framework that cannot stabilise and coordinate the kinetic sequence of a side on action.


They have NO ROTATIONAL training whatsoever.


Please understand how physical preparation should support your bowling performance


But Steffan you don’t like weight training?


You’ve kept on about it!! Incorrect. I don’t like a ‘scatter gun’ approach where very bowler does the same training irrespective of anthropometry.


Yes some may benefit, but more often that not they are the type 2 @thibarmy NEUROTYPES knee DOMINANT bowlers that respond to any training!!


So the S+C coach may pin their hat on these guys progressing and may keep them in a job until this information becomes common knowledge in the game.


However what about those hip/facia/ leaver dominant bowlers with no muscle, really light, and a high curual index that don’t like the heavy weight training especially squatting as it adds time to their movement?


Yep they regress and more often than not they are the bowlers who are BORN to bowl fast!


Make sure you know the difference


And do the best for yourself and your bowlers


Think differently




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